Price increment setup

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Price increment setup

Postby manualtrader » 15 Dec 2012

Hello MC,

When I open ES chart and move the cross on the chart, the price reading shows: 1406.13, 1406.58, 1406.79, and so on. How to setup for the price increment to be only shown as 1406.25, 1406.50, 1406.75? No one want to see price like 1406.13 on the ES chart when move the cross.


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Re: Price increment setup

Postby arnie » 16 Dec 2012

That is so true.

The Cross but also the Trend Line should be able to detect the symbol settings and act accordingly. Like manualtrader said, when ES quotes in quarters of a point why are we seeing the Cross quoting at 1406.03? The same thing for Trend Lines. MC shouldn't allow us to plot a line at 1406.28 on ES. We can only trade the 1406.25 or 1406.50, why are we plotting at 1406.28? We are always forced to edit the Trend Line and set the prices manually which is always a pain.

The same thing must be said regarding the chart price scale labels.
Why are all charts set to a 0.01 scale? This too should be able to detect the symbol settings and act accordingly.
If ES quotes at 0.25 then the chart scale would be 0.25. We would not need to continuously go to the chart settings and always set the labels for the scale manually.

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Andrew MultiCharts
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Re: Price increment setup

Postby Andrew MultiCharts » 17 Dec 2012

Please vote for the respective feature request.

Rick Webber
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Re: Price increment setup

Postby Rick Webber » 26 Oct 2016

Voting link not working. I am fighting this right now. Has this been resolved this many years later?

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Re: Price increment setup

Postby Alex MultiCharts » 27 Oct 2016

Hello Rick Webber,

Sorry for that, we have corrected the link in the previous post.

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