MCActiveX.exe hoggin Processor  [SOLVED]

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MCActiveX.exe hoggin Processor  [SOLVED]

Postby Guest » 17 Apr 2007

I have two separate instances of MultiCharts running. The first has one workspace open with 6 charts, the second instance of multicharts has one workspace with 8 charts. For some reason it keeps using between 25-60% of my CPU. Under the Processes tab in my task manager I show the MCActiveX.exe is taking up all the CPU. Any ideas on what my be causing this? It hasn't done this in the past.

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Postby Kate » 17 Apr 2007

High CPU usage may depend on several factors, for instance, it may be high on start when data is loading, or if you request big amounts of data or use a considerable number of drawing tools or indicators. Could you contact us via our Live Support and demonstrate the problem via HelpDesk remote assistance tool?

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