Expert Commentary feature help please  [SOLVED]

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Expert Commentary feature help please

Postby trim » 15 Feb 2017

Does anyone know of a fuller explanation on how this Expert Commentary Multichart feature works as I find the Multicharts Wiki very basic. It is not difficult to work out how to code it within the Indicator but actually enabling it and getting it to display on the Chart is not well explained. I can get it to work but it appears to be random. One time it will work then next time it doesn't.
I may be missing something in the process of how to correctly use this feature so I am reaching out to anyone who has experience with this to help please.
What is the correct sequence of things I need to do to get the Commentary to pop up every time I select the Expert Commentary feature then point to the relevant chart plot and get the pop up Commentary box to display every time.

Or perhaps you know of a fuller description of this feature that I can study?

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Angelina MultiСharts
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Re: Expert Commentary feature help please

Postby Angelina MultiСharts » 21 Feb 2017

Hello trim,

The process is basic:
1. Apply the study generating the Commentary to your Chart.
2. Enable the Expert Commentary either from the toolbar or from View tab.

The following article gives more details on designing the script with the commentary: ... BEGINCMTRY

Please provide the script samples if you want us to analyze this further.

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Re: Expert Commentary feature help please  [SOLVED]

Postby trim » 21 Feb 2017

Thank you Angelina. I today worked out what the problem is. If you want any graphic object (e.g a dot or cross etc) to appear on the chart and then use commentary feature you can only point to the last bar in the indicator code for the commentary to pop up. So if you include in your indicator code a command to display the graphic object on a different bar to the last bar, then you still have to highlight the last bar to enable the commentary.

It would be nice if you could simply highlight the graphic object or the bar that it sits on to display commentary.

Thank you for your support

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