How to insert this commission in MC ?

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How to insert this commission in MC ?

Postby Automeq » 26 Jun 2018

Interactive brokers has this pricing structures:
USD 0.005 per share
Minimum per order: USD 1.00
Maximum per order: 1% of trade value

(there are other costs but let's ignore them for the sake of simplicity)

How can I enter this in Commission rules manager ?

I guess this is for the minimum:
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But I can't set the maximum as 1%. There is no option to fix it with a %.

I thought in repeating a new entry, also with vol>0, just with the maximum as 1%, but I get the error of duplication:
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2 Questions:
1. Any way of doing this in the commission manager ?
2. Can we, alternatively, define the commision in the signal with these parameters ?

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Re: How to insert this commission in MC ?

Postby Svetlana MultiCharts » 29 Jun 2018

Hello, Automeq,

Unfortunately, there is no way to do it through the commission manager or in the signal at the present moment.
Thanks for your feedback, it has been forwarded to the dev team and may be added to our to-do list for one of the future versions.

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Re: How to insert this commission in MC ?

Postby orad » 04 Dec 2018

Yes, please add min/max commission by percent. It would also be very useful if we can define custom commission rules in the signal.


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