Re-Connect TS Data Feed after a disconnect

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Re-Connect TS Data Feed after a disconnect

Postby willwill7 » 06 Oct 2008

Every time my live data feed disconnects from MC, the only way I can get the re-connect with TS to pop back up is if I re-start my computer.

Is there a way to get the live data feed plugged back in to MC without having to re-start? I've looked everywhere...

Thank you.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 08 Oct 2008

Hi willwill7,

When TS loses connection and then a pop-up window from TS appears prompting you to enter your login and password TS will not be able to re-establish the connection due to the crash in TS process called ORCAL.EXE The only way to ensure the connection is to close and restart TS. You don't need to restart MC in this case.

The bottom line is: the above problem is on the side of TS. I'd recommend contacting them for the explanation. Meanwhile, just restart TS in case of connection loss.


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