Scanning Charts

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york timothy
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Scanning Charts

Postby york timothy » 26 Feb 2009

Hi Marina,
Would you please consider adding the ability to scan charts using the up/down keys in the scanner? This would improve the efficiency of MC tremendously for traders. It is small things like this that help make a software package outstanding. Please consider adding this feature ASAP for all those traders who watch many, many symbols and markets. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

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Postby synonym » 27 Feb 2009

Hi Tim
i agree, to be able to flick through symbols in a scanner window using cursor keys and have a chart appear instantly for the symbol highlighted in a sync'ed chart window, would be a great little improvement for MC. Currently you have to use the cursor to highlight the symbol and then press enter to get the chart to appear or click with your mouse.

BTW, i see that you trade many markets and i wondered if you have sen my post from yesterday - "Instrument descriptions", as it looks like you may have faced the same problem (depending on your data feed) and i'd really appreciate any advice/tips on how to get around the issues i mention in my post.
best wishes

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