market, limit, stop orders

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market, limit, stop orders

Postby andrei » 09 Aug 2013

Hi everybody,

I was trying to ramp-up on the MC .NET API, and would like to understand better or if it's possible:
- How do you control if a market order for next bar is going to be executed on next bar's open or close ?
- How do you issue a limit / stop / stoplimit for the current bar ?
- While having a live data connection, how do you work with the last day bar (that hasn't finished yet) from within your strategy, which considers as the current bar - the last closed bar on the chart ? Is it possible to issue any types of orders on this unfinished day bar?


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Alex MultiCharts
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Re: market, limit, stop orders

Postby Alex MultiCharts » 13 Aug 2013

- In MultiCharts, if IOG is disabled, the orders are sent on the close of the bar. To generate an order on the bar open, you need to program the conditions to send the orders on the bar open and enable IOG, or you can write the proper conditions, that that the orders will be sent on the bar open even without IOG enabled. Please find the attached script sample.
- The parameters of the price orders are set in the script and when the conditions are met, they are generated. So, the price orders are conditional. You can see how, for example, Stop orders are sent if you open the script of the Pre-built Bollinger Bands signal. Here you can read about orders in MultiCharts .NET: ... 6.1_Orders
- The orders can be sent within a bar, if IOG is enabled. It is not important, whether you send a market order or a price order (stop, limit, stop limit) from the script. If the conditions of the price orders are met, then it will be sent within a bar with IOG enabled.
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