Some basic questions  [SOLVED]

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Some basic questions

Postby GTrader » 11 Jun 2014

I was trying to use the Chart Trading feature and I had the following questions:
a) When trading futures, I tried dropping the limit order onto the chart it always defaults to shorting [x] contracts at limit. How do I change it to a buy?
b) Can I modify the template orders in chart trading?

I am using Interactive Brokers and TS data. Can I use the DOM with TS data and trade with IB? I don't have the data from IB to trade the russel futures but I do with TS.

I turned off the API warnings with IB. Is there anyway to generate trade size type warning within MC?

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Alex MultiCharts
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Re: Some basic questions  [SOLVED]

Postby Alex MultiCharts » 17 Jun 2014

Hello GTrader,

Let me answer your questions in order:

1. If you drag manual Limit order above the current price, a Sell Limit order will be sent. If you place Limit order below the current price, a Buy Limit will be sent. Please follow this link to read more about manual Limit order: ... imit_Order
But it might not work that way if you are using different data source and broker. To make it work properly it is necessary to:
a) do Symbol Mapping: ... ol_Mapping
b) have real-time data from the broker to have Ask and Bid quotes on the Chart Trading Panel.

2. Yes, you can set Manual Strategies and save them as Temaplates. It is possible for most of them. Please follow this link to read more about Manual Strategies: ... Strategies

3. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have DOM from TS. But you can have it with IB, if you are subscribed to this data with IB. Here you can find the list of data sources providing DOM data to MultiCharts: ... OM)_Window

4. Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment. Please leave a feature request at this web page if you want to have such functionality in future:

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