Trading one strategy on multiple brokers via one MC instance

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Trading one strategy on multiple brokers via one MC instance

Postby uniquepito » 03 Aug 2014

I couldn't find how to trade one strategy (lets call it TestStrategy) on one instance of MC .net, but via multiple brokers for example: LMAX, Rithmic, Zen-Fire...
Is this possible? If so, how?

Another similar case: What If I have 2 different LMAX accounts?
I'd like to run TestStrategy on LMAX1 account and DifferentStrategy on LMAX2 account.
Would it be possible too? I suppose it would be possible since MC .net allows me to add many different LMAX accounts, but I don't know how to manage it.

Thank you for answer.

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Alex MultiCharts
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Re: Trading one strategy on multiple brokers via one MC inst

Postby Alex MultiCharts » 05 Aug 2014

Hello uniquepito,

Let me answer your questions in order:

1. You need to set up the data feed and the broker profiles you need. Here you can read how to to connect a data feed or a broker: ... r_a_Broker
If you want to trade the same instrument using different brokers, then it is necessary to do the following:
- Create several charts on the same instrument.
- Do the Symbol Mapping for all the brokers you want to trade: ... ol_Mapping
- Set up Broker Plug-in for each chart in Strategy Properties -> Auto-trading tab: ... er_Plug-in

2. Yes, you can trade using 2 different LMAX accounts. You need to create and set up 2 different LMAX broker profiles -> set up LMAX data source in QuoteManager ( do not create 2 LMAX sources ) -> create 2 LMAX charts on the same instrument -> apply different signals to different charts -> set up LMAX Broker Plug-in in Strategy Properties for each chart, selecting the broker profile you need.

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