Profile Disconnection Alert

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Profile Disconnection Alert

Postby stephenfsams » 27 Jan 2018


I'd like to get an alert (pop up, email, etc.) when a broker profile is disconnected between certain hours of the day (like 2am to 8am).

I wrote the following strategy, but I think it will only run when applied to a chart when new bars are painting (i.e. when the symbol's market is open).

Is there a way to check and alert more effectively in MultiCharts .net 11?


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using ATCenterProxy.interop;

namespace PowerLanguage.Strategy
   public class __S__Connection : SignalObject
      public __S__Connection(object _ctx) : base(_ctx) {}

      protected override void CalcBar()
         //check profile connection and send alert
         foreach(var profile in TradeManager.TradingProfiles)
            if (profile.Name.Equals(Profile) &&
               profile.ConnectionState != ETM_ConnectionChanged.eTM_CC_Connected
               /* && hours between x and y */)
               Alerts.Alert("{0} {1}", profile.Name, profile.ConnectionState);

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Re: Profile Disconnection Alert

Postby Svetlana MultiCharts » 08 Feb 2018

Hello, stephenfsams,

This script shall be added not in “CalcBar” method, but in the event handler of a timer.
Also it’s necessary to add “TradeManager.ProcessEvents();”.
You can use “ExecControl.RecalcLastBarAfter” as a timer, and
“OnRecalcLastBarAfterEvent()” as an event handler.

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