GlobalVariables GV Latency Tester

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GlobalVariables GV Latency Tester

Postby TJ » 15 Aug 2012

// GlobalVariables GV Latency Tester
// version: beta 0.1
// author: TJ
// date: 20120815
// license: non-commercial private use only
// terms: this header must be retained
// description:
// this indicator tests the latency of GV variable transfer time
// this indicator has 2 sections:
// section 1 sends the curent time to GV
// section 2 receives the time from GV, and calculates the latency
// if the latency is larger than the set threshold (default = 1 sec)
// the receiver background color will change to red
// instruction:
// 1. set up 2 charts, a sender chart and a receiver chart
// 2. the sender chart should have a slower resolution (eg. 2min)
// 3. the receiver chart should have a faster resolution (eg. 1 min)
// 4. apply this indicator to both charts
// 5. on the sender chart, set the Input: Send1.Rece2(1),
// 6. on the receiver chart, set the Input: Send1.Rece2(2).
// 7. you should see the latency value on the receiver chart
// 8. if there is an error in GV set up, you will see a value of -999.99
// 9. if there is an error in transmission,
// you will see the latency increases continuously

Please note that GV requires one tick to send, and the next tick to receive.
The latency is affected by the speed of your computer, your codes, as well as
the volume of trades of the receiving instrument.
If there is no trades, then the GV will just sit there and not get transferred.

Let us know your GV experience.

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