MC 8.0 limit order cancelled

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MC 8.0 limit order cancelled

Postby waveslider » 26 Jun 2012

I have an incident that is re-occurring where the following occurs:

1. I am long with order to reverse short.
2. Price is hit and a portion of the order is filled, the balance is immediately cancelled.
3. The remainder of the order is automatically re-issued the next bar.
4. Once again, price is hit and a portion of the order is filled, the balance is immediately cancelled.

I am using automation with IOG turned off, Rithmic is my broker. Screenshot attached with my strat. settings. I can email a picture of my order log.

I would like for the order to stay live until filled, not re-issued with partial fills.
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Re: MC 8.0 limit order cancelled

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 28 Jun 2012

Hello Waveslider,

In order to investigate the issue please provide additional information:
1) What exact version and build number of MultiCharts are you running? (in MultiCharts go to Help tab-> About)
2) MultiCharts logs (if you have not restarted the platform. Logs from the previous run are erased when you start MC).
In MultiCharts 8.0 Release Candidate go to Help->Feedback->Send logs. Please let me know that you have uploaded the logs.
If your MC version is lower than MC 8.0 Release Candidate please follow this guide: ... harts_Logs
3) In MultiCharts go to File->New->Open Order and position tracker window-> Orders tab->make sure you are not filtering the information in columns, then go to File->Export to excel.
Please also export the information from the Logs tab and send it to me for analysis.
Please highlight the problem orders in the excel file or on the screenshots.
4) Attach the workspace you are using.
5) Export the signals you are using for reproducing this issue.
6) What do you mean by "the balance is immediately cancelled"?
7) Are you able to reproduce the problem and demonstrate it in the live chat?

Please send all of the requested above information to my email (

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