Disconnect from Broker

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Disconnect from Broker

Postby Traderji » 22 Aug 2012

TLDR: Why doesn't selecting "disconnect broker" actually disconnect MC from broker?

When we disconnect from broker (right click on broker tab and select Disconnect) it seems the connection does not actually close. All my charts, DOM & real time market analyser windows keep getting real time data. And any indicators that access account info like available balance still have access to those properties. Only way to actually disconnect from your broker seems to be to exit Multicharts completely and wait for the processes to close in memory.

Is that intentional behaviour? Is there any way to close the connection to the broker without exiting MC?

I'll give you an example of a use case where this causes problems. I was running MC.net and connected to MB Trading. I needed to lookup something in the MB Trading desktop pro application so in Multicharts I disconnected from MB Trading. After the connection icon turn red and the sound alert "disconnected" I waited a couple of minutes and started MBT Desktop app. My login was rejected with message "this account is locked due to multiple logins. contact customer service". I called MBT and they said I attempted to login while still connected so system locked account.

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Re: Disconnect from Broker

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 23 Aug 2012

Hello Traderji,

Data feed and broker connections are separate in MultiCharts.
If you are using MBT as data feed and broker at the same time disconnecting from broker will not disconnect you from the data feed. In order to disconnect from the data feed you need to close all charts for this data feed and disable "collect data without plotting" in QuoteManager, you can also switch to Offline mode or close MultiCharts and all of its processes.

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