Scaling Decimal Place Quotes Help

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Scaling Decimal Place Quotes Help

Postby Zhorny » 02 Nov 2012

Hi all,

From my broker I receive 5 decimal place (dp) quotes in FX pairs, which is pretty standard. However, when I read the charts I want to ignore the 5th dp (too much noise in my opinion) so I can only see quotes based on 4 dps. Can I do this? More specifically, can I do with with a three line break chart?

For example: EURUSD quoted at 1.28568 would just be 1.2856



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Re: Scaling Decimal Place Quotes Help

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 02 Nov 2012

Hello Zhorny,

Yes that is possible.
You can limit all data you receive to 4 digits after decimal if you change the price scale to 1/10000 in QuoteManager->right click on the symbol->Edit symbol->Settings tab.
That is also possible to change only the scaling (display of data) in MultiCharts->Format->Instrument->Scaling tab->No. of digits after decimal.

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Re: Scaling Decimal Place Quotes Help

Postby arnie » 02 Nov 2012

Hi Henry.

Regarding scale, why isn't scale set to automatically adjust to the instrument? Wouldn't that be more accurate?

I need to set manually the labels of the scale to have an accurate reading, otherwise I would see a scale of 0.01 when in reality moves in 0.25.
This type of information is easily retrieve from QM.
Another thing that should be in tandem with the scale are trendlines.

If the scale is set to 0.25 it makes no sense you drawing a trendline at 1427.07. This value doesn't exist on the scale. You could draw a trendline at 1427 or 1427.25, never at 1427.07.

If your scale is 0.0001 than you can draw it at 1.2356, 1.2357, and so forth.

Horizontal trendlines must me accurate with the price scale.

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