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stock data interactive brokers

Postby » 04 Nov 2012

I usually just trade futures, I've never had a stock on my scanner. I'm subscribed for quotes on IB but if I open a new multicharts chart window, its says No Data.

Tried adding symbols and exchanges etc., nothing seems to work.

Can anyone suggest a fix?


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Re: stock data interactive brokers

Postby Andrew MultiCharts » 05 Nov 2012


Please follow the next steps:
1. Add a desired stock to your IB TWS table and make sure you are able to receive real-time data for it.
2. If the quote is updating real-time, please make a right-click on it and plot historical chart (try 3 variants: second-based, minute-based and days).
3. If both real time data is coming and you are able to see all mentioned above historical charts in IB TWS, please add the same symbol in QuoteManage following this instruction.
4. In MultiCharts please go to File -> Preferences -> Data Server Mode -> Make sure the mode is "Online" and the "Download Missing Historical Data" box is checked.
5. After the symbol is added (or re-added, if you had it previously), plot a chart of the symbol (second-based, minute-based and days). Press CTRL+R to reload it if you see "No data".
6. If the data is still not there, please come to our live chat to let our operators connect to you PC remotely and investigate the issue.

If you cannot plot historical graph in IB TWS, please let me know.

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