Weird behavior - Multiple plotting of daily bars

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Weird behavior - Multiple plotting of daily bars

Postby hilbert » 19 Dec 2012

Please see the attached screenshot.
data1 - 5min ES data from IB
data2 - daily ES data from IB

There are 2 weird things in the chart:
1) An empty space exists between 1615 bar and 935 bar. A daily bar prints in this empty space.
2) Two candles for daily data get plotted for yesterday and today.

The chart is correct prior to today. I have seen this same problem once more in last fortnight. When I re-loaded the ES data, the chart got corrected and the problem got resolved.

For trades that depend on data2 values, this error in MC causes wrong trades to trigger. E.G. attached screenshot shows a trade trigger at 940 bar erroneously since the strategy logic depends upon data2.
Multiple daily bar in data2.jpg
Multiple daily bar in data2.jpg (142.13 KiB) Viewed 169 times

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Re: Weird behavior - Multiple plotting of daily bars

Postby Andrew MultiCharts » 20 Dec 2012

Hello hilbert,

There can be 2 possible problems judging by the screenshot. It is either missing minute date, or incorrect sessions (possibly both).

Try to reload the data in View -> Reload -> Reload all data. If it doesn't help, please make the screeshots of data series 1 settings (right-click on the chart -> Format Instruments... -> select data 1 -> Format -> Settings), of data series 2 settings, and of the symbol's session settings in QuoteManager (right-click on the symbol in QuoteManager -> Edit Symbol... -> Sessions).

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