Backfill for daily charts using freequote

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Backfill for daily charts using freequote

Postby Shuk » 28 Feb 2007

Dear Support Team;

I have MC for about one year with all diff version of MC. I use intraday chart in diff workspace and daily stock in diff workspace. at present i am using MC 2.0 latest version.

Every time i want to back fill daily chart, i first go in PReFERNCE tab ,check box to download data , then open ONLY daily chart work space . MC will not update charts for daily , instead it will call IB log onsince iam using ib for intraday.
As of now iam not successful for updating daily chart during one year period. AM I doing some thing incorrect.
When ask LIVE HELP ,they told me freequote not reliable.
Can some one help?

Shuk [/img]

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Postby neurotrader » 28 Feb 2007


try going here and register for a free account

Then use it in multicharts for historical daily.

I find IB historical data faulty. What I do in some workspaces is merge the above to historical and IB for realtime.


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