Drawing tools very poor

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Drawing tools very poor

Postby Guest » 09 Mar 2007

Many times a drawing 'point' will be added even if I do not release mouse button.Sometimes it is hard to click on handle to adjust a line. Tools are slow and do not feel precise. Is this for fixing? As it is now even free packages better for drawing.

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 10 Mar 2007

Dear Sir,

Could you provide us with more details on this problem please? Is it possible to reproduce the problem?


Postby Guest » 12 Mar 2007

I have seen numerous people report the problem if you move the mouse quickly the first point is 'dropped' despite not releasing the mouse button. Adjusting drawing handles sometimes results in the handle jumping a couple of pixels rather than moving a pixle at a time. The hand icon (as reported by another user recently) is inadequate for picking up handles (you need a pointer that resolves to a sinle pixel) they suggested looking at quotetracker.

If anyone actually took the trouble to use/test them for an hour it would be obvious that they are sub standard.

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Postby momentum » 12 Mar 2007

When I use the Fibonacci Retracement tool, I have to try it 2 or 3 times before it draws. Somwtimes it draws the Retracement upside down.

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