Reg tweak for default dir open path?

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Reg tweak for default dir open path?

Postby RobotMan » 07 Apr 2007

When I open a work space in MC, is it possible to go to the folder the workspace is in, instead of automatically going to "My Documents"?

ie: some programs allow you to redirect the path for data, templates, license files, etc. in one of the tabbed pages in "preferences".

In MC can I do this by going into the registry (for example):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TS Support\MultiCharts\Preferences

and change (or create) one of the key names for opening a workspace to:
C:\Program Files\TS Support\MyWorkspaces ?

Bob Perry
Los Altos, CA

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Postby Kate » 09 Apr 2007

I recommend you to create a folder with your workspaces wherever you want and then go to File->Preferences and select "Open workspaces from the previous session".

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