Bid Ask Spread Indicator

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Bid Ask Spread Indicator

Postby CatMan » 16 Jul 2013

I'm new to .NET and need an indicator to display the Bid/Ask Spread on a chart. That's the difference between the Bid and Ask for the current instrument. Eventually, I'd like to add a spread column to the scanner window as well. Prior to writing the code to do the above, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows the existence of what I need.

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Henry MultiСharts
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Re: Bid Ask Spread Indicator

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 19 Jul 2013

Hello CatMan,

There is a built-in indicator called Spread__Diff. It shows the difference between the two data series you have on the chart. The data series can be different instruments or the same instrument but different quote fields (ask and bid).
Here is how to add multiple data series to your chart: ... art_Window
Here is how to select the quote field for the data series: ... uote_Field

Here is how EUR/USD spread plotted by the Spread__Diff indicator looks like:

As for the market scanner - you will need to create your own indicator that will load the second data series using IDataLoader and perform the calculation as in the scanner that is not possible to reference additional data series directly.
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