TradeManager in Multicharts 2 ?

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TradeManager in Multicharts 2 ?

Postby Joerg » 19 Apr 2007


as I found out there was a TradeManager Window available in Multicharts 1.9. This was a very good Tool for having an overview about the current active orders (limits, stops) and recently executed orders.
Is this feature really deleted in Multicharts 2? At least I Can´t find it. If so: Why? Whithout this its practically impossible to watch several systems in different workspaces and handle their orders.

Is there another possibilty to get the active orders?

Thanks a lot.


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Postby Kate » 24 Apr 2007


We decided to remove TradeManager from MultiCharts after auto-trading implementation because IB TWS had already similar and well-done functionality. So you can watch and handle your orders in TWS.


Postby Guest » 24 Apr 2007

Hi Kate,

thanks for your answer. This is a problem for somebody who does´nt trade with TWS. No chance to handle the orders.
A Trade Manager without any routing-functionality would be good anyway.



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