DDE Bar Compression Problems in MC 2.0

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DDE Bar Compression Problems in MC 2.0

Postby itai007 » 14 Jun 2007

Using Version 2.0 with DDE.
All ticks come through and I can see the last 2 days of tick data through the "edit data" window.
I can export the tick data and use it in other chart programs to recreate the intraday charts in any interval (5 , 15 , 30 min etc').

But in MC I can only use either 1 tick charts or 1 minute.
If I try any other interval even (25Tick or 3 minutes) the chart cant build properly and show only 2-3 bars per day as if there is no tick data to build the chart from.

Look @ the attached files. The 1 minute chart loads properly :

While the 5 minute chart doesn't load properly, notice it shows only 3 5 min bars for today although the 1 min bar clearly shows much more!!:

This problem persists for some and NO 1 IS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!
Can you EXPLAIN THIS ?????????????

Also WHY IS there no other rate collection instead of TICK ?
For example in MetaStock one can choose the rate of collection like every 1 minute or 5 minute and so dosnt need large data base of tick data if he dosnt want it!!!!!!!1

WHY DONT YOU HAVE BETTER CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby Kate » 14 Jun 2007

Dear Customers,
As it turned out itai's problem was caused by the fact that his tsShaper.dll hadn't been updated (he's using the version 2.0.777.777). We have done it for him and now his N-minute charts are working fine.

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Kate Fixed it.

Postby itai007 » 15 Jun 2007

As you can see, I was a frustrated customer but, Kate came along and fixed the problem.
Turned out I was missing a file although I have just installed the 2.0 as a new clean install on a new machine.

Still I am glad this was solved. I will post again if this problem accures again.

thank you.

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