Problem with the new 909 Beta

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Problem with the new 909 Beta

Postby crazy_phil » 30 Jun 2007


I think You get a problem with some fonctions on this beta

Looks like every thing using the Pivot Like Functions are bugged

I join 2 snapshots and my simple Z_SR Indic

you can view the errors on the auto trendlines and on Z_SR

Inputs : Strength(6), Length(10);
Variables : SR_H(0), SR_L(0);

If SwingHigh(1, H, Strength, Length)>-1 then SR_H = SwingHigh(1, H, Strength, Length);
If SwingLow(1, L, Strength, Length)>-1 then SR_L = SwingLow(1, L, Strength, Length);

If SR_H <>0 Then Plot1(SR_H, "SR_H");
If SR_L <>0 Then Plot2(SR_L, "SR_L");


That's all folks
SR with 880.png
every thing is correct on auto Trendlines and my Z_SR
(12.15 KiB) Downloaded 462 times
SR with 909.png
Problems with auto Trendlines and my Z_SR
(13.14 KiB) Downloaded 476 times

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Postby Kate » 02 Jul 2007

Thank you for this information. We confirm this bug and are working on it now.

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