New beta version of MCFX has been released

Questions about MCFX and MCFX Data Feed.
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Stanley Miller
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New beta version of MCFX has been released

Postby Stanley Miller » 07 Aug 2007

We are starting beta-testing of a new version of MCFX that will include an extensive list of new features and enhancements. This version is stable enough to use it for everyday work, however, some bugs might appear as happens in any beta version. Customers willing to participate in beta-testing are welcome to install this beta version, use its new functionality and inform us about all found problems in this thread. As soon as we fix all the problems found during beta-testing, the release of the new version will be announced.


New Major Features
• Windows Vista compatibility
• Trading automation via FXCM
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Postby digger » 08 Aug 2007

Will the beta version have a more reliable connection than what the current version has or is that part the the same> Sorry if that seems like a dumb question, dont know nothing about computers, how you guys do what you do is amazing, just wish the data was more reliable

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Postby irishkev » 09 Aug 2007

I was getting ready to cancel the service, because the data feed doesn't work most of the time. (It works late at night/early morning New Zealand Time, but that's it.) Quotes run about 20 minutes behind other times... Like now, 11am. :cry:

I love the software, though, and the charts and alerts I've been able to set up. It's sad that the bad data feed makes the product unusable.

Has anyone noticed any improvements with the data feed situation in the new beta version?

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 13 Sep 2007

In the past, the problems with the data feed were caused by FXCM seding quotes with the future time stamps. After that was fixed the server's stability has considerably improved.

At the moment, as I already mentioned in some other posts we are developing a cluster of servers to ensure that if there are problems backup will be in place. It will further boost the server's reliability.

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Stanley Miller
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Postby Stanley Miller » 19 Sep 2007

UPDATE | 18 September 2007

A new 2.0.978.1067 Beta version of MCFX PRO is out. All bugs reported in the previous beta version are fixed now. You can download the new version here:

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