How to turn off an alert when trend line is deleted.

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How to turn off an alert when trend line is deleted.

Postby bowlesj3 » 10 Aug 2007

I ran a test to see if a trend line alarm would be heard while I switched to a different work space. That worked. However I delete the two trend lines and they are still alarming. How to I get rid of these alarms. MultiCharts has no central list of alarms that I can see. Qcharts has a central list and commands to switch them all of all at once. "Alt+A then D" would delete them all no matter where they came from. This is a must for sure. So the way it worked was when any tool was set to alarm it just added an alarm to that big list of alarms that may be on. Once the alarm was triggered it was turned off. You could go back into the list without the tool and turn that alarm back on if you wanted (these of course were fixed price alarms). However if an alarm is tied to a trend line or bollinger band and this is deleted it should be removed some how since it is not a fixed position alarm. I just went into the "format drawings" list and checked for trend lines and none of them are armed with an alert.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 13 Aug 2007

Hello John,

I have just tried alerts on the trend line and once the line is deleted no alerts are ringing (or appearing). We will need to have a look at your particular case to see what's going on.

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