Changing symbol name in QM should stop receiving data, but..

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Changing symbol name in QM should stop receiving data, but..

Postby 2haerim » 06 Sep 2007

1. I have a symbol Sym in QM and it is online showing the # of ticks coming in.
2. I open a chart for Sym in MC. It is plotting fine too.
3. Now, I double click Sym in QM and change the name Sym to SymDiff.
4. I expected the new SymDiff in QM goes offline immediately and stop receiving ticks because datafeed does not sending ticks for SymDiff but for Sym. Surprisingly, SymDiff stays online and keep receiving ticks even though SYM is gone away.
5. And It was also expected the Sym chart in MC might stop plottiing. But it also keeps plotting.
6. Now, open another chart in MC for SymDiff. It plots some historical data, but does not plot the realtime tickeven though SYMDIFF in QM is receiving ticks.
7. This time, add SYM again in QM. We have SYM and SYMDIFF together. SYM is offline now, and SYMDIFF is receiving ticks.
8. Connect SYM in QM. It starts to receive ticks as like SYMDIFF. So, now SYM and SYMDIFF are receiving same data simultaneously.
9. Final experiment: Select SYM and SYMDIFF in QM and disconnect both. And then Connect again. You will see only SYM receives ticks, but SYMDIFF is no longer receiving ticks as it did just before.

SYM is gone and therefore SYM could not receive and save incoming ticks.
SYMDIFF was never intended to receive ticks for SYM but it keeps receiving ticks.

SYM chart is continually plotting even though SYM is not existent anymore.
SYMDIFF chart does not plot incoming data even thought SYMDIFF is receiving realtime ticks.

Q1) What is happening to Sym, SymDiff in QM?
Q2) What is happening to Sym chart and SymDiff chart in MC?

MC & QM might be more superb than TS2ki, but it is much more complex to understand and manage in many cases, IMHO.

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