100% sure way of making MC UI cross-locked

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100% sure way of making MC UI cross-locked

Postby 2haerim » 07 Sep 2007

1. Open MC and plot a chart.(C).
2. Apply a signal(S)
3. View Performance Report(PR) and make it big enough.
4. Click Settings Button from PR.
5. Right-click C and Select Format Signal(FS) menu.
6. Move the FS window within the rectangle of Back-Testing Strategy Performance Report.(BT)
7. Click Properties button to open Strategy Properties(SP) window.
8. Move SP within the BT rectangle area.
9. Now check if you have BT and its Settings window open. And both FS and SP windows are placed within the BT rectangle.
10. Click any place of BT to hide FS and SP below it.
11. That's it! All UIs are locked but the Settings window. The only thing I can do is to move around the Settings window, but no more. We should be able to move out the SP window and close it to unlock all the other windows, but it's impossible. It seems there is no way to solve this situation. You will have to kill MC and all the processes from the Task Manager to restart MC.

I've checked this UI locking on 4 PCs(XP SP2 and Win2000 Server) with both 928.1050 and 971.1109. All 4 PCs showed the same.

Long time ago, I already reported this kind of UI locking problem. So there will be other cases of UI locking. It is highly probable when several different types windows are mixingly overlapped and hidden.

Just because of UI locking, if we have to kill all the processes and restart MC in the middle of trading, wouldn't it be terrible?

Since I described how to reproduce the UI locking, I need to kill all the processes from 4 PCs which I have tested. I hate doing this.

Please do not ask me to reproduce because you can reproduce it yourself if you follow the above steps one by one.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 10 Sep 2007

Hello Haerim,

The problem has been confirmed and will be fixed in the future MC versions.

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