Regional Currency makes me confused

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Regional Currency makes me confused

Postby 2haerim » 10 Sep 2007

Hi Marina,

Let me explain why the current beta's regional currency settings makes non-USD users confused. Please open the attached RegionalCurrencyConfused.png file. I deliberately arranged 5 windows to show the issue clearly: MultiCharts(MC), Format Object(FO), Strategy Properties(SP), Back-Testing Strategy Performance Report(BTR), and Settings(ST).

I want to trade a symbol 10199000 shown in MC with the following figures:
- Initial capital : 100,000,000 KRW(Korean Won)
- Slippage : 25000 KRW
- Commission : 25000 KRW
And also want to see the BTR displayed in KRW.

The symbol 10199000's Big Point Value is set to 500,000 KRW in QM.

The only way to make BTR to display in KRW.

- Enter Initial capital, Slippage, and Commission in KRW figures from SP
- Select and set Regional Currency USD/\ rate to 1 KRW as shown in ST

Now, the BTR correctly shows all the results in KRW. However, the problem is that the currency character in SP is $, not KRW which makes me very confused. Moreover, I entered 1 as the Regional Currency rate. It is normally meant to be used when the rate would not be 1.

So, the simple solution for this confusing situation is to display the currency character in SP with KRW, not $ when I select to use Regional Currency.

Basically this issue is caused by the fact that MC selected USD as the default currency to display all the figures, but didn't give users any choice change it when installing MC.

Therefore, the best way is to allow users to select the default currency to use when installing MC and change it later as they want.

And the better is to move the Display frame in ST to SP window. Then I would select KRW as the default currency. Then MC will display all $ characters replaced with KRW(\). The only time I need to think about the currency ratio is to display all the figures in different currency. In such case, I would select other regional currency and enter the appropriate ratio so that MC would redisplay all the figures based on the new currency rate.
so that I can select regional currency there and to enter the rate in addition to entering Initial Capital, Commission, and Slippage. That is, make all the currency related things in one place.

Please see the attached SuggestionForCurrency.png file.

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