globalserver historical data?

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globalserver historical data?

Postby bubba11 » 22 Sep 2007

i'm demo'ing MC and like what i see. but, i haven't been able to access the historical data in globalserver.. (using gs as data source in quotemanager). if globalserver is a viable data source, this would be do-able - right? i am able to plot real time data using this method, just no historical data.

**my question was answered at ET forum. will re-try tonight. i'll report back if needed,

*****just for the record, Andrew showed me the proper settings, and it appears to work perfect.
i can now access the historical data in gs i have gathered up to this point. (was a very simple setting i had failed to check :oops:)
i can now play w/ the strategy testing

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 25 Sep 2007


I'm glad Global Server started working properly with the correct settings.

If you have any problems with data providers again (or any issues related to the work of MultiCharts) please let us know.


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