Cannot type [ ] signs in PLeditor

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blanc jacques-louis
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Cannot type [ ] signs in PLeditor

Postby blanc jacques-louis » 29 Sep 2007

Whereas PLeditor accepts ( ) and { } it just doesn't take [ ] thus making it impossible to write a compilable program.

I precise that I use a French Swiss keyboard but as you see it works perfectly in this message.

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Postby ABC » 29 Sep 2007

What MC version are you using? I had similar problems with MC, but they are all fixed with the latest releases.
So one solution for you might be to upgrade. In case you are using the latest version, you can use following work-around until the developers have fixed this: Type [] in wordpad for example and copy and paste it to the code line where you want it. This is a bit annoying, but at least it works.

Hope that helps.



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Cannot type [ and } signs in PLeditor

Postby nuno-online » 29 Sep 2007


i have the same problem
i am using the lastest version
for me PLeditor doesn't take [ and }

I use a French Swiss keyboard

blanc jacques-louis
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Cannot type [ ] signs in PLeditor

Postby blanc jacques-louis » 30 Sep 2007

As nuno I am using the latest version.

I am most grateful for the workaround suggestion but even when it does write it unhappily doesn't compile.

Hope that this will be fixed very soon by MC.

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I have the problem 2

Postby svifx » 01 Oct 2007


It really looks the problem is about the swiss french mapping with windows
swiss german mapping is bugging also....

-Usually I cut and paste from elsewhere in the code or from another tab
with another indicator containing []...

-Another workaround is to setup the english US keyboard in the
windows toolbar so you can switch languages keyboard mapping...


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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 03 Oct 2007

The problem with typing square brackets [ ] in PLEditor using the
Frenchkeyboard will be fixed in the next MC version.

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