Validating data

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Validating data

Postby deobisnath » 26 Dec 2007

Dear All:
I am sure this topic may have been discussed before but a search does not produce what I require.

In C++, I coded simple routines to validate each bar of realtime and historical data, e.g high >=open, close, low; close not more than a certain % of previous close - to catch really bad data, etc.

I want to do a similar routine Easy Language with an ASCII file with historical data:

open file
traverse file - for record 1 to end of file
perform validation routines on OHLC; prompt user to correct data
write user changes
next record

Are there Easy Language file functions that can help with above?



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Dear Marina

Postby deobisnath » 27 Dec 2007

Please answer this question

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 28 Dec 2007


There are only FileAppend and FileDelete functions in EasyLanguage to work with the files but they won't help you creating a routine that could check the data.


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