How to create virtual bars for the gap between sessions?

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How to create virtual bars for the gap between sessions?

Postby 2haerim » 27 Dec 2007

According to the help:

True Range-based chart: All the bars are equal in height. The high-low range for each of the bars represents exactly the defined number of points. If the price movement between the current and next tick exceeds the defined number of points, as many "virtual" bars as required to cover this price movement are created. This allows getting smooth charts always thus prevents sensitive indicators from malfunctioning.

However, I don't see virtual bars between sessions.

See the attached image. The whitel rectangle area shows no virtual bars.

How can I create virtual bars between sessions?
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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 29 Dec 2007

Hi HaeRim,

Range-based bars can't be created for the periods between the sessions. Price difference between the end of one session and beginning of the next session are not taken into account. Range bars are only created within the sessions.

Best regards.

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