Jurik Generic DLL

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brodnicki steven
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Jurik Generic DLL

Postby brodnicki steven » 31 Jan 2008

I have Mark Jurik's Generic DLL version of his tools , can you tell us how to call DLL's in MC ? I couldn't find anything about calling DLLs in the help section.
(I'm not a programmer but since it's a Generic DLL, I thought it might work)

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 01 Feb 2008

Hi Steven,

Yours is a very good question. Just recently we talked to Jurik again about the possibility to tailor his tools to MultiCharts. He told us that he doesn't have time or resources to work on that. In this situation, the idea to use this generic dll version of his tools is actually a very good one.

Do you think you could share it with us? We would then run tests and see if it can be made to work with MultiCharts.

Thank you!

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