TrailingStop on last not on bid/ask  [SOLVED]

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TrailingStop on last not on bid/ask

Postby Wapi » 23 Jan 2018

Hi all,
sry 4 my english not that good.
OS: Windows7 Datafeed: IB Chart type: Intraday Trade Style: Scalping.

I use TrailingStop (setpercenttrailing) consistently in my strategy.
Is it possible to make Open P/L calculation on the last traded price instead of bid/ask price?
I loose too many trades for just 1 tick: last touches the price to make trailingstop get in action but bid/ask don't.
The difference between wht shd be ( backtesting) and reality is huge.
Also to reduce the setpercenttrailing amount is not a solution: in a great number of trades the difference is too wide.

I tried to set "Unrealized Profit Calculation Mode" - Get from IB TWS in "Broker Profile" but it does not solve: it do not work at all.
(It wud be nice to get it working 'cause in IB way to calculate Profit/loss pending all my trades wud be filled.)


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Re: TrailingStop on last - SOLVED  [SOLVED]

Postby Wapi » 01 Feb 2018

Hi all,
i solved my problem.
Instead of placing the pre-buildt "Trailing Stop" order into the signal that generates the trades (let's say Signal 1), I build a new one:
when the High (Low) is >= (<=) the entryprice +(-) a pre-defined amt of ticks then the trade is closed (and this is signal 2).
Signal 1 make its calculation at the end of the bar while Signal 2 works intrabar ( IntraBarOrderGeneration=true).
The 2 signals work fine together in the strategy and in this way I get what I want.
It was not that hard.
Thank you all.

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