Flushing cached data to database: what exactly happens?  [SOLVED]

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Flushing cached data to database: what exactly happens?

Postby wilkinsw » 08 May 2019


Just wondering exactly what data is flushed to database in MC12?

To me it looks like just tick??

If I do a manual flush. Then restart MC. Then open QMD and ctrl+R symbols of interest; it shows end dates for tick data from immediately prior the restart. However the minute data isn't (it's end data is from days ago).

What explains that behaviour?



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Re: Flushing cached data to database: what exactly happens?  [SOLVED]

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 10 May 2019

Hello Will,

All historical data and realtime tick data that is received during the working session of the application is being cached. It is saved to the database on close of all product processes. In order to save the cached data on demand without closing down all platform processes - use the option "Flush Cached Data to Database" in the Edit tab of QuoteManager or the File tab of MultiCharts.
Realtime minute and daily bars are not saved to the database in most of the cases:
https://www.multicharts.com/trading-sof ... s_Database

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