MC 64 bit ADE - Thread Safe?

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Doctor Al
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MC 64 bit ADE - Thread Safe?

Postby Doctor Al » 21 Aug 2019

The ADE program that is working in MC 64 bit is using version 1 ADE. TS's Version 2 ADE was for multicore, I believe. If I utilize MC 64 bit ADE with say 4 or 5 different main charts/strategies being automated simultaneously, and say each strategy pulls in data from one higher time frame,
might I have a problem - incorrect data being pulled into strategy A when it should have gone to Strategy B? If there could be different concurrent threads running my code, I could imagine that a problem could develop.

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Re: MC 64 bit ADE - Thread Safe?

Postby tonyng » 25 Aug 2019

no, ADE is using c++ std library which is not made for concurrency ready. you will need to write your own dll using libraries like TTD from Intel or Microsoft

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