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Attention Saxo Group users

Postby Svetlana MultiCharts » 06 May 2022

Please follow these steps to ensure compatibility with the recent change in Saxo API.

At first, install the latest MultiCharts version (14.0.23013), then install the updater:

1. Download the archive.
2. Unblock the archive with the updater right after you download it before installing (right-click on the file > Properties > check Unblock at the bottom right).
3. Close MultiCharts and all its applications (QuoteManager, PowerLanguage Editor, Portfolio Trader, 3D Optimization Charts, etc.).
4. Run Windows Task Manager (right-click on the windows clock -> run Task Manager) and make sure that all MultiCharts Processes are finished. If a MultiCharts process is still there after 20 seconds, end it manually.
5. Unzip the archive.
6. Run the Updater.exe and click on the Update button.
7. Scroll up in the updater log to make sure there are no errors. If there is an error, contact us.
8. Close the updater.

If you get any errors after installation, you can undo the changes with Repair (Windows Control Panel-> Programs and Features -> MultiCharts-> double left click –> Next-> Repair).

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