problem : MCFX Export and ASCII Mapping MC

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problem : MCFX Export and ASCII Mapping MC

Postby Fabrice Daniel » 11 Sep 2008


I had developped an indicator to export MCFX data to ACSII Files. This export print only the completed bars into the file, not all the ticks of the current bar.

So for a 1 min chart you have one update (new line) into the file every minute, never more, never less. It works fine.

I import my "MCFX data Files" into MC using an ASCII Mapping : it works, I can see the charts. No missing bars (after many modifications in the session definition to get a true 24/24 compatible with MCFX). Now it's 100% ok.

The problem is the following :

I would like to use MC power with MCFX data, especially the new Market Scanner, email alerts. I don't need the Tick noise, I only need an update every 5 minutes for example, so the ASCII mapping with MCFX is perfect for me.

In theory ASCII Mapping system update the charts in MC each time the ASCII file is updated by MCFX, but it doesn't work. MCFX modified the file but MC didn't detect any modification, and I noticed that the "last update" time stamp in the file explorer (windows Vista) didn't detect any modifications several minutes after I had opened MCFX. But when I looked at the file content with Ultra Edit, this one detected a modification every time it occurs (every minute in my test).

As long as MCFX and my source Export Indicator is opened, the file modifications are well performed but is detected only by Ultra Edit and not by Windows Explorer or MC.

As I supposed, when I close MCFX, both windows explorer and MC detects the file modification (file handle is release) and the chart is immediatly updated into MC !!

The "real time" update works but only with an appropriate source file management. It seems that MCFX and Power Language behaviour in general have to be slightly modified to allow such kind of usage.

Additional info to help your tech team : I use the Print function and I had try FileAppend too (but the problem is the same).

Thanks for your help (and Power Language modification).

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