Data2 Should have NoPlot

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Data2 Should have NoPlot

Postby Januson » 09 Oct 2008


I've spend quite a while testing for instance 10 min with a Data2 60min, which works and scale quite nice, 60/10 is a fine number. It gets very messy when I mix 5 min with 10.000 volume chart.

I do think I've mentioned this before, it's possible to hide Data2, but what about not even plotting it i.e. it shouldn't even be taking into consideration when plotting Data1. So an option to NoPlot would make this really nice, it would then be possible to reference other chart scaling/ types from the mainchart without the messy look :)

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 10 Oct 2008

Hi Janus,

The way it is implemented, the hidden data series cannot be discarded when the X-axis is created (and consequently, when the bars are arranged on this axis). This axis is also used as a reference when the indicators are calculated, so bar spacing and indicator calculation go together.

What could solve a problem is better spacing when it comes to tick-based resolutions. The thing is that this behavior is extremely difficult to fix and so far we have not had the chance to allocate enough time and resources to change this behavior.


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