MC to IB autotrade fx setup - any instruction doc ?

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MC to IB autotrade fx setup - any instruction doc ?

Postby alpha » 29 Dec 2008

Spent 7 hours on this today and still no joy. I added symbols from IB data (IDEALPRO) source fine but when custom settings used I get the wrong result in the strategy -

1- Does the Big Point value for EACH crosses need to be defined? (The default is 1) If so is there a source as the IB info does not have this information and there appears no source of information on this site as to HOW TO SET UP AUTOTRADING CURRENCIES TO IB. Anyone have a screenshot or list of the Price scale, daily limit, Min movement and Big Point Value for each cross ?

2- In the old days specifiying a default lot size in TWS would fix your lot size. Now it appears it defaults to the MC lot size of 1 which is useless if you want to trade 100,000 being a standard lot size. The default in build 1781 appears to treat fx crosses as stock and thereby divide the notional lot size by 100,000 so a standard lot buy of NZD.JPY would be 100,000/52.5=1904 which is such a load of complete NONSENSE.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Postby TJ » 30 Dec 2008

this might help:

my programmer's data box ... 3452#23452

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