Loading historic tick data into MC Quote manager

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Loading historic tick data into MC Quote manager

Postby jl12 » 19 Jan 2009


My quote manager only seems to save data if it is connected in real time.

Is it possible to store data loaded when opening a chart with Historic tick data.

It would be useful to have the ability store all of Tradestions or Esignal tick history to a contract in QM as Tradestion and Esignal drop real time data after x days.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 20 Jan 2009

Hi jl12,

All the data (including historical tick data) requested through a chart or received by connecting a symbol in QuoteManager is saved into the MultiCharts database. Saving is performed after you close the program. Therefore, to make sure the data is securely stored, do not shut your computer down immediately on closing MultiCharts. If you run TaskManager and go to processes there, make sure you do not shut down the computer until a process called tsServer.exe terminates itself.

As for data from TS, to make sure it is all stored in MC's local database, please go to QuoteManager -> Tools -> DataSources -> TS -> Settings and check the option 'Save data to the local database'. This will allow to store whatever data you have requested on the chart or collected in QuoteManager (just the way it is done for other data feeds).

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