When is a study executed?

Questions about MultiCharts and user contributed studies.
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When is a study executed?

Postby janus » 10 Jun 2009

I'm not totally convinced yet but I think the new release 5.0 of MC has changed in terms of when a study (indicator) is executed. I have a chart with three data series: trade, ask and bid. Before 5.0, the indicator would execute only when there's an update tick in the data series to which the indicator is applied, in my case the ask. At least that's what I thought it was doing. Now it appears to update when any of the three data series receives an update tick. Is this the case? Has it always been this way? I think the study even runs when the market depth just changes but need to watch it more closely to prove it. Also, barstatus sometimes returns a value of -1, which is not documented.

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Postby bowlesj3 » 10 Jun 2009

Hi janus

it appears that you just confirmed the assumptions below from the post http://forum.tssupport.com/viewtopic.php?t=5866 (
Well at least for the older versions of MC.)

if I do this
1/ I change ESM9 to bid-series via: format, symbol, settings, field, "bid".
2/ set the study to be based upon this symbol running on the Bid-Series,
3/ I set the study to execute on every tick.
then does the study execute on every change in inside bid?

Not the volume at that bid but the value of the bid changing.


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