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Compiler questions

Postby janus » 15 Jun 2009

I'm at odds understanding what happens when I choose to compile an indicator. I normally select "fast compilation" to save time as it takes ages to compile my study using "fast execution". I will use "fast compilation" after I've completed developing my study. When I edit one of my functions I normally select "fast execution" as it doesn't take long. Am I wasting my time doing this? Will "fast execution" only come into effect for functions if I compile the indicator this way as well?

I also noticed that if I edit one of my functions but don't save or compile it, and then re-compile my indicator, the PL Editor will also compile the edited function. Is this normal? This is a trap as one could intentionally modify a function but decide not to save/compile it until later. When the indicator is compiled it will compile the unsaved modified function anyway. There should be an option to turn on/off this feature. Is it because PL Editor can't handle compiling an indicator with unverified unsaved functions? I can understand this behavior for saved modified functions but unsaved ones too? Doesn't sound right to me.

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