MC 5.5 issues

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MC 5.5 issues

Postby ts2mc » 27 Nov 2009

i still have some problems i don't want to be forgotten.

1. can't add an exchange with an abbreviation with more than 8 characters, like NYSELIFFE
sample: add exchange abcdefghijkl, with abbr. abcdefghX -> won't work
only abcdefgh is stored. Market data request will fail.

2. when open workspace B and have A already opened, close MC and restart
MC, B is loaded but A not. Instead of A and B loaded and in same order.
(good possible i do something wrong. in this case allow my to ask: why doesn't
it simply work like everbody would expect ?)

3. why do i still need to switch to offline mode when having no dataserver connection ?
why can't you simply load data that are stored in database (local) and then make
requests. if no answer from server, so what ?
Each time i want to test on weekend i need to switch into this (silly) mode.
in order to do this, i need to close my workspace before.
then on next startup, i am in trouble to restore those workspaces.

4. according to what is possible with multicore, you may could enhance performance for backtest

thank you
except my points above, MC 5 is still the best i know (so far)

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