Improvement requested for Multicharts 6.0

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Improvement requested for Multicharts 6.0

Postby Emmanuel » 18 Dec 2009


You can not import protected or "read only" study if a some of the protected function already exist in the powereditor. Each time you have to remove one by one the already existing function before importing read only strategy.

Furthermore, when you import read only strategy or function, you can not select in the list of the dialog box, the indicator, the function you want because the check box a locked

We ask the following :

1/ to be able to select or deselect the function , the signal, the indicator when you import protected study.

2/ to be able to overwrite the existing read only function (if we want to).

3a/ the study navigator need to update the alphabetical order of the study when new function or new study are imported.

3b/ to be able to select at once multiple function or strategy in the study navigator. Actually we can select strategy only one by one.

4/ When a function , signal, indicator , strategy are protected; we need to have the list of variables of each function in a property dialog box.

I understand that we don't have access to the protected code, but we need at least the list of the variable input necessary to use the function or the indicator.

5/ When we signup an "add on", we can not use the results in the power language. we can only see the results of the add on on the screen.
We need a way to be able the import the numerical results of the AddOn and to be able to use the results in powerlanguage.

6/ We need a macro language like VBA in Excel, in multichart, to be able :

to automatically execute repetitive task, like adding multiple indicator on the chart, or making multiple modification in many indicator at once, and to compile the indicator with the macro.

7/ does a multicharts API exist ? where we can execute automatically some task of multicharts ? like adding indicator on the chart, or doing modification of the indicator then to compile it in the powerlanguage ?

We need those improvement for multichart 6.0, and we wish that our request will be taken in consideration for the improvment of multicharts 6.0

Best Regards


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