Feature what makes MC really unique

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Feature what makes MC really unique

Postby moneymaker » 20 Dec 2009


I suggest a feature in one of the next versions what makes MC really unique.

I would like to have a SuperDom like NT has in combination with Radarscreen. When I click on Radarscreen on a symbol or a price I can order very fast through SuperDOM.

Why I'm writing this (I usue IB). I found a Symbol which I want to buy with a stop limit. So I'm minimizing MC, switch to Traderworkstation, looking for the symbol, enter the Stop Limit order and ... and I was too late, the price went to a range I don't want to buy or sell. I'm sure many of traders happend to that.

What do others think about that idea?

brodnicki steven
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Postby brodnicki steven » 20 Dec 2009

You need to run dual monitors, with TWS always on, in the second monitor- you see a trade, instantly hit the buy or sell button- that's what I do, only with 4 monitors, 3 for MC and 1 for TWS.

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