IB daily forex bars only back to NOV 2008

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IB daily forex bars only back to NOV 2008

Postby ts2mc » 05 Mar 2010

i want to see daily bars for EUR.USD back to 2005
from InteractiveBrokers. This works perfect in TWS charts.
I know, there is may a difference between API and TWS.
However, i thought MC is able to split requests over long timeperiods
into smaller periods in order to load long historical periods.
But this seems not to be case, as i can only load daily bars back
for EUR.USD ~days.

can anyone help ?

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Postby geektrader » 05 Mar 2010

You are out of luck. Only in TWS you can display daily bars this far back. Multicharts has to get it´s data via the API of IB, and that provides only ~1 year of data for each currency pair.

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Bruce DeVault
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Postby Bruce DeVault » 08 Mar 2010

Your best bet would be to use a different data source. For instance, TS data source offers data much further back than this. Or, you could buy / download some historical data and import it.

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