[request] - indicator different time zone

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[request] - indicator different time zone

Postby arnie » 19 Mar 2010


When we add a second instrument to our chart and this instrument isn't in the same time zone, a warning pop up window saying that we must change our time zone to local appears.

My question is, why local time zone and not our charts time zone?

For those outside the states and following that market, when the Daylight Saving Time period arrives all charts using local time must be changed because otherwise, the first session hour will not be plotted.

One easy way to resolve this is having all charts in their original exchange time.

Now back to the second instrument time zone, what if, instead of local time zone, the second instrument would use the chart's time zone.

Let's say that our chart is the ES (central time) and we want to add the TICK (eastern time).
Selecting the TICK as our second instrument, the pop up window should be the instrument format window, where we would then change the time settings for both instruments, although, by default the second instrument should be changed to the chart time zone.


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