IB tick data

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IB tick data

Postby alexcaicn » 14 Apr 2010

i am using MC + IB

try quote manager = > Data Sources => IB => Settings

in the lower middle, "use 1 second bars as ticks", what does it mean?

may i expalin that as MC collect the tick data from IB as time slice smallest as 1 second? if there are more than 1 ticks in a second, then MC only collect one data or ???



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Bruce DeVault
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Postby Bruce DeVault » 14 Apr 2010

IB does not supply real tick data - their historical interval is 1 second and in real-time they send snapshots a few times a second depending on instrument class but definitely not every tick. For true tick data, you'll want to use a different data source.

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