Feature Request: anti aliasing

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Feature Request: anti aliasing

Postby duration » 23 May 2010


This has obviously the lowest priority.

I find the edge of trendline, indicators etc. a bit jagged compared to other charting software.

I don't know if it is very difficult to implement, but it would definitely enhance the look of the charts.

An option could be added in the "Style" tab of instruments and studies, or even a slide bar allowing the user to choose anti aliasing none, x2, x4 etc. (see screnshot).

Many thanks,
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Dave Masalov
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Postby Dave Masalov » 25 May 2010

Dear duration,

We have tried to use the aliasing algorithms in the past. Even though it may look better, it causes some difficulties when you work with indicators a lot. It is harder to say what are the exact values of an indicator.

Furthermore, the implementation of such algorithms will slow down the performance significantly. As MultiCharts is a performance orientated application, we have chosen not using aliasing algorythms as our policy.

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